Greetings from Georgia!

Wishing, wanting and desiring to change one’s lifestyle is a common topic of conversation. Most magazine covers boast at least one article on self-improvement. The self-help section of bookstores plays host to a myriad of philosophies and techniques guiding one toward successful change. 

Having devoted much of the last few years attempting to help others become successful, I have made some interesting observations. One, however, is of profound importance to me at this point in my personal life. CHOOSING to change remains the quintessential difference between those who wish or want or desire to change and those who actually do so.

Armed with this simple, but powerful thought, I choose to move forward in the areas of change necessary for me. With many areas of change to address, I choose the areas of clutter and priorities as my first foci.

Of course, the decluttering of my life starts with the “things” in my life.  Although getting rid of stuff will be easy, it will take time. Therefore, I am devoting every Tuesday from 8-9pm to ridding my life of unnecessary things.  With no real way to determine how long this endeavor will take, I can promise that when this task is complete, I will make sure to share it with everyone possible. What an accomplishment this will be!

The other area of decluttering relates to the activities and commitments I have in my schedule which are not the best use of my time and/or resources. This task will prove a bit less time-consuming, but will be the toughest for me emotionally. So much of my time is spent working, serving, helping others; however, my life circumstances are changing, and I have to restructure to make the most of my time and my talents.  I am certain many of my future posts will be related to the struggle to divorce myself from the good things as I court the best things.

Big rocks little rocks exercise: I plan to physically do this. I will name large rocks with the important things in my life and put them in a jar that I feel accurately represents the time I have.  Then, I will name the small rocks with the other things in my life and strategically drop them into the jar. I am interested to see what I do not have “room” for at this point in my life. This exercise should make the priorities-setting an easier task.

John 9:4 states, “I must work the works of him that sent me.” This verse is the impetus for my CHOICE to change. My time to work the works of Jesus continues to dwindle with the ever-increasing demands on my time and mental faculties. Since the most important purpose for my existence was claiming the least amount of my time, I had to change. May you learn  what you will from my journey. May you believe that you can live to work the works of him that sends you into this wonderful world. May you be inspired to reach as many as you can with the message of your purpose.


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